Handling an electrical wiring problem as a DIY project is a recipe for disaster. And calling in a friend with some electrical experience doesn’t quite cut it either. But with so many cheaper solutions when looking for electrical contractors near me, why hire a professional electrician?

A professional electrician has the experience and qualifications to handle varied electrical projects. They’ve undergone training on handling dangerous situations using simple and effective methods that ensure their client’s safety. They are also dependable and will save you time. 

Let’s look at what a professional electrician is, why you should hire them and how much they charge.

What is a Professional Electrician?

A professional electrician is trained and certified to handle installations, repair, maintenance, and alterations of electrical systems. Electrical systems produce power, light, heat, signals, or controls for any structure.

24 hour electricians provide physical labor and calculate placement, interpret drawings, and test electrical circuits and systems. A professional electrician can be trained to work in commercial, institutional, residential, and industrial applications.

Why Should You Hire an Emergency Electrician?

A professional electrician is trained and certified to handle dangerous situations using safe and effective methods to ensure their clients are safe. Here are 5 reasons to hire a professional:

Troubleshooting – often, a problem with the electrical system is a symptom of an even larger problem. A qualified commercial electrician troubleshoots the whole system to diagnose the underlying problem of the electrical system and then conducts precise electrical repairs.

Training and certification – a residential electrician has knowledge of electricity that homeowners and handymen don’t. They go through rigorous school and on-the-job coaching before earning certifications and licenses. The learning processes guarantee they will deliver a high-quality standard of work in the least time possible. When hiring an electrical contractor, determine if they are a journeyman, an apprentice, or a master electrician. Moreover, make sure their business has a license, is bonded, and insured.

Peace of mind – hiring a master electrician will help extend the life of your electrical system and prevent future issues. Moreover, electrical work done by expert companies is guaranteed. So if the problem recurs, they’ll be back fixing it for free. Usually, the warranty is on appliances, parts, and repairs.

Cost – most DIY electrical repairs make the electrical issues worse, and homeowners end up procuring the services of a licensed electrician to fix the shoddy electrical work. The problem is that wrong diagnoses create more complicated messes and can even increase the price of the work, like the cost to rewire a house.

Safety – professionals have adequate knowledge and expertise to handle electricity and potentially dangerous situations. They are also armed with proper equipment for the job to safeguard their safety, yours, your family’s, and your house.

Difference Between A Journeyman And Master Electrician

A master electrician has gone through all the stages in their career. A journeyman must first complete 8,000 hours of on-the-job experience. A master can train a journeyman, design electrical plans, examine blueprints and oversee large tasks.

Though a journeyman can operate independently, they lack complete autonomy and might not issue permits.

How Much Does a Professional Electrician Charge Per Hour?

An electrical company charges $100-$300 an hour for the work. The final charge depends on a couple of factors, including travel, project complexity, materials needed for the project, experience, and whether it’s an emergency or not.

A certified electrician charges appearance fees payable when they visit your property. This number varies widely but is often lower than the hourly rate. However, for inspections and diagnostic visits, you might pay more for the first hour to cover expenses like gas and travel.

For proper compensation of their time, many electricians will charge you when you fail to honor an appointment. This money you pay can be as high as their hourly rate.

For example, if the wiring problem cannot wait for the morning or the next working day, they will come to your house or business premise but charge 1.5X or 2X their normal rate.

Why are Professional Electricians Expensive?

Aside from the risk of handling electrical systems, the high costs are mainly due to high insurance costs. Professional and licensed electrical companies get insurance to ensure their employees, projects, and clients are covered.

Besides this, they offer complete electrical service and spend a lot of time planning, acquiring necessary permits, and explaining the process. Moreover, they employ top-notch safety measures that’ll prevent the issue from recurring.

Safety First

Hiring a qualified electrician such as Wired Up Electric will make sure the work is done right the first time. Contact our offices today so we can get your electrical problems solved with an affordable and cheap electrician.